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The financing of the companies has always implied headaches and uncertainties for the financial managers of the companies.

Traditionally, loans involved expensive paperwork and travel. However, companies can now opt for financing through online loans. Online loans for companies imply advantages and new ways of operating that adapt to the needs of companies, improve conditions and simplify the application processes.

We start at the beginning, we tell you from when they exist and the reasons for their evolution to the present day.

Simple and fast cash advance loans online

Cash advance loans online are those financial operations that carry out their procedures electronically and were, a natural or legal person requests another amount of money, which will later be returned along with the interest generated from the operation. The main feature for cash advance loans online at is that all procedures, both application, and return, are done 100% online.

Evolution of financial institutions in business loans

Evolution of financial institutions in business loans

Traditionally, corporate financing has been controlled by banks. The operation of these loan operations for companies is tedious and sometimes involves a series of procedures and obstacles for those companies that seek financing.

Online loans for companies in 100% digital entities

With the evolution of technology, banks have modernized. This has meant that traditional banks combined their physical offices with electronic banking. This situation evolved until the creation of 100% online banking entities. These new fully digital entities allow all procedures to be carried out electronically and from anywhere.

The fintech as it happened in online business loans

The fintech as it happened in online business loans

The real financial revolution has come with the development of Fintech, which have managed to democratize traditional banking and offer financing conditions for the fairest companies. Fintech are those entities that use technology to improve processes, products or the operation of financial activities. Fintech entities stand out for saving time and the immediacy of their operations.

The fintech have managed to end the monopoly of traditional banking and thus offer new products and services for the online financing of companies. We explain the main features of online loans and the available modalities.

Characteristics of online loans

Online loans are determined by the following characteristics:

  • Type of interest
  • Term of return
  • Amount requested

Here are the different types of online business loans.

Types of online business loans

Types of online business loans

There is a wide variety of types of loans, with different characteristics or conditions that adapt to many financing situations. Therefore, if you are looking for financing for your business, the first thing you should do is inform yourself of the possibilities offered by the market.

On this occasion, we focus on the types of online loans for companies and we tell you their characteristics and particularities.

  • Quick mini loans online. These are loans that involve small amounts of money and are granted in a very short period of time. Generally, the return period is also a very short term. They are mainly used for small unexpected expenses and late fees are very high.
  • Crowdequity financing. It is necessary to clarify that it is not strictly about loans but that the companies obtain financing thanks to the contribution of individuals or other companies that lend their money in exchange for direct participation in the capital of the company. Crowd equity financing is usually requested by start-ups or companies in growth stages.