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Credit for self-employed and small businesses – practice guide with insider tips! In general, a loan for self-employed by private investors is considered only if the house bank rejects a cheaper HEW entrepreneurial loan. The personal loan for self-employed, freelancers & entrepreneurs: Free purpose & individually adapted to your situation! be, because freelancers and entrepreneurs are usually looked after by the banks. Loans for the self-employed, business people are possible for specialized providers due to unreliable collateral:

Loans for self-employed entrepreneurs

Loans for self-employed entrepreneurs

It is not easy to have cheap credit on reasonable terms as an independent contractor or trader. Since Basel II, credit institutions are required to carefully review credit requirements and, in particular, collateral. This is exactly the problem for the self-employed and craftsmen. For one thing, the monthly results are not reliable and not permanent.

On the other hand, it is not possible to reliably estimate how sustainable and secure the activity as an independent entrepreneur and thus an income is at all, based on the usually multi-year loan term. The loan conditions are usually correspondingly bad. Cheap loans as a self-employed person can be obtained mainly in two ways. Because you probably know your seriousness and your sound economic behavior as an independent entrepreneur or businessman.

If you also trust that this will be the case in the future, this can lead to a bonus system for your self-employed loan. On top of that, of course, there are providers of loans for freelancers who save administrative costs and thus also provide low-interest loans for freelancers.

Loan for freelance HEW bank – loan for freelance consultants

Loan for freelance HEW bank - loan for freelance consultants

HEW has two different self-employed lists. On the one hand, self-employed people get a private loan to buy their own living space, and on the other hand, there is a corporate loan for the self-employed, businessmen and tradesmen. This clarifies what is included in the financing and which objects are not covered by the financing program.

Self-employed can also here the current test winner compared with each other to get a loan. Self-employed entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get a favorable loan. The funding is available for a large number of self-employment projects: The 037, 047 funding programs can not be used for assisted living, fiduciary construction, in-situ transactions, the purchase of own shares, facilities for the promotion of renewable energy sources, debt rescheduling, Follow-up financing, follow-up financing and extensions are used.

â € “More exciting topics around the credit for the self-employed: With the entrepreneur loan self-employed, tradesmen and self-employed are promoted. The loan has a government interest and a disclaimer of 50%. Find out more about loans for start-ups, the application to the bank and how much capital the loans contain.

She is the world’s most secure bank. “HEW  is the world’s most secure bank, using long-term ratings, for example, to find out everything you need to know about self-employed loans, and to keep you up to date on the latest self-employed lending business news.